~ Philippe Gentile Taxidermiste ~


Fellow hunters,

My name is Philippe Gentile and I am a certified wildlife technician and a professional taxidermist with twelve years of experience.

Philippe Gentile Taxidermist is a family business with my father and my two brothers as assistants.

Since five years, we have shipped more than 75 mounted trophies all around the globe, from the United-States to France or New-Zealand.

We offer you the opportunity to immortalize your hunting souvenirs and give back the dignity of your trophies.


~ Informations ~


  • No middleman or subcontractor;
  • First come - first served;
  • We only accept payments in cash, cheques or wire transfers;
  • 40% of the total is asked as deposit;
  • Shipping is not included, payable by credit card directly to the customs broker (estimate available on request);
  • Crates are shipped USA-to-USA from Derby Line, Vermont and from Dorval (Montreal airport) for international shipments;
  • Service 7 days a week and messages returned in less than 48 hours;
  • Our shipping delays are from six to eleven months